BlackBerry for sale?

Aug 12, 2013
The Canadian smartphone maker considers putting itself up for sale.
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Is BlackBerry on its way to a comeback?

Mar 28, 2013
With a quarterly profit and one million Z10 phones sold, BlackBerry could be making a comeback.
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BlackBerry is back in the black

Mar 28, 2013
BlackBerry posted a surprise profit for the quarter today. The Canadian company’s been struggling to stay relevant in the smartphone market but while the news is hopeful, it’s still too early to declare a turnaround.
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Alicia Keys dumps iPhone for Blackberry 10

Jan 31, 2013
The pop star brings new meaning to the perils of celebrity endorsements in the age of social media.
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Blackberry's Back, and Facebook Works Toward Suicide Prevention

Jan 31, 2013
Blackberry is back, with the launch of two new phones it hopes will revive the struggling smartphone company formerly known as Research in Motion. Facebook is working on best practices in an emerging area of social media -- suicide prevention. And, the military is using brain scans on new recruits -- canine recruits.
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Blackberry is dead; long live the Blackberry

Jan 29, 2013
The long-awaited Blackberry 10 operating system is about to be unveiled and Research in Motion's fate is riding on its success.
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Another big customer gives up Blackberry

Nov 21, 2012
The National Transportation Safety Board is following the lead of other agencies in replacing Blackberries with iPhones. Its original advantage -- security -- isn't as valued as smartphones' features.
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BlackBerry hangs on by a keyboard

Oct 12, 2012
Google's Android and Apple's iPhone are vying for number one and two in the smart phone market. BlackBerry comes in third with 11% of the market and 90 million users around the world, but just who are these users?
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Whither the BlackBerry: What now for yesterday's smartphone?

Jul 11, 2012
Research In Motion holds an annual shareholder meeting among much nail-biting.
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Blackberry meets its shareholders

Jul 10, 2012
At Research in Motion's annual meeting, it was a mix of bad news and turnaround talk.
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