More bad news from BlackBerry

Dec 20, 2013
BlackBerry has reported a $4.4 billion loss in its third quarter earnings report.
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President Obama isn't allowed to get a new iPhone for Christmas

Dec 6, 2013
President Obama revealed this week that he isn't allowed to have an iPhone. The Secret Service makes him stick to a BlackBerry.
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Blackberry is saved. No, it's dead. No, it's ...

Nov 4, 2013
The tentative takeover offer from BlackBerry’s largest shareholder for the company has collapsed.
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BlackBerry won't sell itself; CEO is out

Nov 4, 2013
BlackBerry will get a large cash investment to reorganize.
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Blackberry is dead; Long live BBM!

Oct 23, 2013
Blackberry Messenger was downloaded over 5 million times in eight hours when it was made available for iPhone and Android.
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BlackBerry's deal to go private: The nail in the coffin?

Sep 23, 2013
BlackBerry announced it agreed to be bought by a group led by investor Fairfax Financial Holdings for close to $4.7 billion.
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BlackBerry for sale?

Aug 12, 2013
The Canadian smartphone maker considers putting itself up for sale.
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Is BlackBerry on its way to a comeback?

Mar 28, 2013
With a quarterly profit and one million Z10 phones sold, BlackBerry could be making a comeback.
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BlackBerry is back in the black

Mar 28, 2013
BlackBerry posted a surprise profit for the quarter today. The Canadian company’s been struggling to stay relevant in the smartphone market but while the news is hopeful, it’s still too early to declare a turnaround.
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Alicia Keys dumps iPhone for Blackberry 10

Jan 31, 2013
The pop star brings new meaning to the perils of celebrity endorsements in the age of social media.
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