Newly resigned CEO of Barclays questioned by Parliament

Jul 4, 2012
Today the freshly resigned CEO of Barclays Bank goes before a parliamentary committee in London. Parliament is investigating the possible manipulation of interest rates by Barclays and other banks.
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Why Americans should care about LIBOR and Barclays

Jul 3, 2012
Every American bank is involved in the investigation looking into whether Barclays engaged in a type of price fixing on a key global interest rate.
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Barclays CEO Bob Diamond steps down

Jul 3, 2012
The CEO of Barclays bank is out. Bob Diamond is leaving amid a scandal over banks colluding to fix the price of one of the most important interest rates in the world.
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Barclays CEO, COO step down over LIBOR rate manipulation

Jul 3, 2012
The CEO of Barclays Bank in London's is resigning -- and, just this hour it looks like we can add the COO -- the chief operating officer -- as well. Last week the bank settled with U.S. and European regulators over allegations it manipulated the "Libor" interest rates to its own advantage.
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Heads of Barclays resign after interest rate scandal

Jul 3, 2012
First, it was the chairman of the board said he was leaving his post; now it's the big man, Barclays CEO Bob Diamond who's stepping down effective immediately. The London-based financial services giant is accused of rigging the level of a key interest rate along with nearly two dozen other banks.
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Barclays chairman resigns, but fingers point at CEO

Jul 2, 2012
The chairman of Barclays Bank in London resigned today. Last week, Barclays agreed to pay $450 million to settle allegations that it conspired to manipulate a key interest rate, and some say CEO Bob Diamond should step down as well.
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Barclays agrees to $450 million settlement over rate manipulation

Jun 27, 2012
Barclays Bank, based in London, is paying $450 million to settle securities investigations in the U.S. and the U.K. Regulators accused the bank of manipulating a critical interest rate -- the so-called "Libor" rate -- to its own advantage.
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