Digital comics: Violent sci-fi meets Joan Didion

Apr 11, 2014
Amazon just bought comiXology for Kindle. Why non-comics fans should care.
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Amazon Announces Set Top Video Device

Forget the wearables: This week's Silicon Tally

Apr 4, 2014
Our regular quiz looking back at the week's tech news.
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In which Kai Ryssdal has to settle for $22.40

Mar 25, 2014
The individual results from Amazon's e-book price fixing settlement.
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Announce your Amazon Kindle e-book credits online

Mar 25, 2014
Twitter is filled with Kindle e-book credit tweets that don't add up to $166 million.
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Amazon Prime could be too popular?

Mar 20, 2014
Analysts say Amazon could lose money by making its customers too loyal.
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Amazon, Apple want a piece of the TV set top box

Mar 13, 2014
Set-top boxes give direct access to sell you other goods too.
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More gadgets, less ink: Staples cuts back

Mar 6, 2014
Analysts say part of the problem is too much competition from the likes of Amazon.
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Sears, Roebuck: The 19th Century's Amazon

Jan 22, 2014
Sears is closing its store in downtown Chicago. We take this occasion to consider what Sears was to consumers in the late 1800s: Amazon.
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Amazon's crazy-scary "anticipatory shipping"

Jan 17, 2014
Amazon could start shipping you stuff before you order it.
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Holocracy: How Zappos could change corporate America

Jan 2, 2014
First it was open office space, and now its open management.
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