Google Magnifier

Aug 18, 2011
This launched yesterday and it's being variously described as a magazine or a service. The idea is to help users of Google's still-in-beta music...
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Amazon signs big author

Aug 17, 2011
Publishing industry tries to adjust its collar, complains its getting kind of hot in here, dabs at its brow....
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Wal-Mart builds, destroys. Giveth, taketh away. For everything, turn turn turn, there is a Wal-Mart, turn turn turn.

Aug 10, 2011
The enormous discount retailer and blue vest promotional organization is trying to get around Apple's strict rules. Wal-Mart is bringing its Vudu...
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Amazon's cloud goes down

Aug 9, 2011
Amazon Web Service's cloud infrastructure went all blinky last night for about 25 minutes, knocking such things as Netflix, Foursquare, and Reddit...
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Want to read Harry Potter on your iPad? There's no app for that.

Jul 26, 2011
Apple's trying to force all online booksellers, magazine publishers and movie rental sites to only sell stuff for iPhones and iPads through the App...
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Amazon seeks to be a player in streaming entertainment

Jul 21, 2011
Customers who are members of Amazon Prime, the premium service that also sounds like a new sort of Transformer, are going to be able to...
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Kindles to hover over closed Borders locations while laughing maniacally

Jul 19, 2011
Borders died yesterday Some 400 stores closing, 11,000 employees out of work. Last minute auction didn't really happen and so off it goes to...
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Kindle textbook rental

Jul 18, 2011
Amazon has just announced a new program for renting out textbooks on Kindles, and it's likely to save students a lot of money. So if you need a...
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Amazon to launch tablet by October

Jul 14, 2011
The Wall Street Journal is the latest to write up the long kicked around rumor of Amazon being about to launch a tablet computer. The Journal says...
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Amazon wants to take tax gripe to California voters

Jul 12, 2011 has filed paperwork to put a referendum on the ballot in California. It would be about overturning a recent law requiring Californians...
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