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Want a sure fire way to see the markets take a tumble? Start with street protests, mix in riot police... and toss a few Molotov cocktails in for good measure. U.S., European and Asian markets have all been shaken by more anti-austerity protests in the eurozone. In the latest installment of our "Food for 9 Billion" series, we take a trip to rural Africa, where multinational supermarket chains are racing to serve new customers. Will these new supermarkets be a blessing or a curse for Africa's small farmers? Plus, we explore why CEOs are predicting a glass-half-empty economy and wonder how to spend the $7 billion we found buried near Baton Rouge.

The booming new profession of patient advocate

As the health care system gets more complex, more people are turning to patient advocates for help.
Posted In: health care, patient advocate

What’s up, Europe? Mass protests in Greece and Spain

Markets are shaken by the mass protests against austerity measures in Greece and Spain. Investors are questioning their earlier optimism over the prospects of recovery in Europe.
Posted In: spain, Greece, Europe debt crisis, Whats up Europe

Final note: Bad Karma at Fisker Automotive

The new Karma luxury hybrid is smarting from a series of bruising reviews over at Consumer Reports.
Posted In: hybrid cars, consumer reports

Economic confidence varies from street to C-suite

While consumer confidence may be higher, business executives are less bullish
Posted In: consumer confidence, ceo, executives

Supermarket sweepstakes: Africa's small farmers encounter the modern grocery store

The spread of modern grocery chains could lift millions of African farmers out of poverty -- or ruin them.
Posted In: Africa, grocery store, farmers, Food

On reserve: 727 million barrels of crude oil

The United States has the most crude oil stashed away and ready-to-go of any nation on earth in its Strategic Petroleum Reserve. But you can't see the oil. It's underground in salt domes.
Posted In: strategic oil reserves, gas

Is the equal employment opportunity census misleading?

Commentator Susan Reed says the current census presents a skewed snapshot of corporate diversity by not asking participants for their national origin.
Posted In: U.S. Census Bureau, census

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