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Halloween spending this year is expected to jump 10 percent. Freakonomics' Stephen Dubner about the best places to get candy on Halloween and how that ties in to charitable giving. Meanwhile, nearly 6,000 people are without power in Manhattan due to Superstorm Sandy, but some businesses are reopening. Many areas hit by Sandy are working hard to make sure voting isn’t disrupted on Election Day. Owners of flooded cars are making calls to their insurance companies. And a look into how some businesses were using the storm to promote their brands.  

'This little rainstorm is not going to stop New York'

A New Yorker tells us about the commute into Manhattan today, after Superstorm Sandy.
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy

Maximizing your Halloween candy haul

Freakonomics offers the hidden side to finding the best neighborhood near you to trick-or-treat.
Posted In: freakonomics, Halloween, dubner, kai ryssdal, candy

Lower Manhattan flickers back to life

Despite the loss of power in lower Manhattan, Wall Street and some nearby businesses reopen. But downtown is dead compared to midtown.
Posted In: manhattan, Hurricane Sandy, electricity, New York City

Ghost hunters fuel year-round business

Promoting the paranormal is turning into big business as reality ghost-hunting shows have consumers hungering for a paranormal experience of their own.
Posted In: Halloween, ghosts, tourism

Campaigns reboot after Sandy

Election officials in storm-stricken counties scramble ahead of voting day.
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy, Election Day, Election 2012

Flooded engines: Sandy soaked a lot of cars

Insurers want to repair flooded cars rather than declare them a total loss. But water damage can show up later -- and flooding claims will show up on services like Carfax, taking down what a vehicle can get on the used-car market.
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy, flood, auto insurance

States like Arizona hope to cash in on NAFTA supply chain

Exports from big states like Texas, California and Michigan have soared since the 1990s when the North American Free Trade Agreement opened U.S. markets to Mexico. But not every state has been as savvy promoting cross-border trade.
Posted In: NAFTA, trade, supply chain, arizona, Mexico, copper

Sandy as marketing tool

Companies walk a fine line between compassion and commercialism when it comes to disasters.
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy, marketing

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