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Today's show was the product of a collaboration with the BBC World Service show Business Daily. We took a closer look at how the debt crisis in Europe is affecting people and businesses elsewhere in the world, in places in Africa, South America and the U.S.

Crisis means less for traders and shoppers

The U.K. isn't in the eurozone, but the effects of the euro crisis are hitting London's street markets, and the wallets of the people who shop there.
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Africa's European problem

African nations with trading relationships with Europe are troubled by the eurozone crisis, but the biggest casualty could be African monetary union.

Seven years of lean

PIMCO's Bill Gross says it took us more than seven years to get into this mess, and it'll take just as long to get out of it.
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Argentina's post-default recovery

Argentina defaulted on its debt in 2002. A decade later, the country is back on its feet, thanks in no small part to the lowly soy bean.

Eurozone problems flatten flower markets

L.A.'s flower market is one of the biggest in the world, but it's suffering thanks to the euro crisis -- as uncertain shoppers cut back and uncertain wholesalers order less.

How China benefits and suffers from Europe's woes

Chinese companies that depend on Europe to buy their goods are suffering. But Europe's problems have given other Chinese firms the chance to catch up to the West.
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