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Greg Smith, an executive director at Goldman Sachs, resigned this morning with a blistering essay full of accusations. What does this mean now for the culture of Wall Street? Some homeowners in Austin, Texas, are cashing in on South by Southwest. A human resources recruiter in Michigan reveals the top issue troubling her this election. And Kai Ryssdal talks to Sara Blakely, founder of body-shaping company Spanx, about how she created a billion-dollar empire.  

Rethinking the humble parking lot

MIT professor Eran Ben-Joseph has a minor obsession: Parking lots. He wants to design and use them better.
Posted In: parking lot, design

HR specialist worries about 'skills gap' in job market

Beth Kelly says many employers are ready to hire, but they just can't find people with the right qualifications.
Posted In: hiring, skills gap, Jobs

Interview: How Spanx became a billion-dollar undergarment empire

Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, talks about her body-shaping business in our latest Conversation from the Corner Office.
Posted In: Sara Blakely, Spanx, fashion

Remembering the Encyclopedia Britannica

The paper version of the encyclopedia was killed off by its publisher yesterday, in order to focus on its digital editions.
Posted In: Encyclopedia Britannica, Books

SXSW lets Austin homeowners cash in

Anyone headed to the South by Southwest festival needs a place to stay. For a price, Austin homeowners will move out for a week.
Posted In: South by Southwest, airbnb, short-term rental

Stress tests clear banks to nurse U.S. economy

Now that most big U.S. banks are deemed healthy enough to sustain a financial crisis, will they aid the economic recovery?
Posted In: stress tests, Banks

The Goldman op-ed: Is what Greg Smith said true?

A former executive at Goldman Sachs resigned with a scathing editorial blasting the bank, which he calls "toxic." We dissect his op-ed and discuss what everyday Americans should think of Wall Street now.
Posted In: Wall Street, Goldman Sachs, Goldman, Greg Smith

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