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The economy shrunk for the first time since 2009, but the decline isn’t causing too much panic. JCPenney has decided to bring back sales and discounts. The president’s two-year-old council on job creation closes up shop this week -- we look back at what they accomplished. Harvard University will study the link between football and concussions over the next decade. There’s a smog cloud over Eastern China that’s three times the size of California. Immigration reform could mean rising wages, and that could affect small businesess. And in the latest BURN story, Alex Chadwick reports on the innovation to build the fastest car in the world.

U.S. economy shrinks for first time since 2009

GDP shrank 0.1 percent last quarter. Private investment rose, but government spending fell. That bodes ill if automatic budget cuts can’t be avoided.
Posted In: GDP, Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

Bad weather can be bad for your bottom line

Be it too hot or too cold, someone's business somewhere will be adversely affected.
Posted In: weather

Immigration overhaul may hit small businesses

Wages could go up for undocumented workers. So what happens to small businesses and the economy?
Posted In: Immigration

NFL players hire Harvard for health study

The players will spend $100 million on a 10-year study to find out just how hazardous football is to their health.
Posted In: concussion, NFL, football

Hey, remember the president's jobs council?

Two years ago President Obama created a council to advise him on ways to create jobs. What did it accomplish?
Posted In: Jobs

Discount shoppers rejoice! Penney's in sales surrender

A year ago, retailer J.C. Penney announced a new strategy to cut so-called "everyday" prices by about 40 percent, while reducing the number of sales a month. The company has had to walk back those plans as shoppers remained addicted to sales.
Posted In: JC Penney, Retail, shopping, sales

China's city dwellers struggle to cope with air pollution

China now burns nearly as much coal as the rest of the world combined. That's one reason for the recent severe smog outbreaks that have many Chinese residents complaining about air pollution.
Posted In: China, pollution, smog

Innovators: Building an electric car for speed

Mike Pethel has pieced together what may be the fastest electric car anywhere, using two DC motors and enough batteries to power 750 homes.
Posted In: electric cars

Dolce and Gabbana to release perfume for babies

The new fragrance will have notes of citrus, melon and honey.
Posted In: babies, perfume

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