Marketplace for Wednesday, February 12, 2014

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A very significant study is out that sheds considerable doubt on the value of regular mammograms. We look at how this might affect the industry and the machine  that has sprung up around the screening test. Next, the subject of Sports Illustrated ’s swimsuit issue is…. Barbie. How did this happen? Who is going to be excited about this publishing event? Finally, legislation in New York would make NY the first state to ban microbeads used as scouring devices in facial creams and toothpastes, catching up to studies showing the beads are entering the aquatic food chain because they’re too small to be filtered out by water treatment systems.

In which Goldman Sachs screws up

Guess what they gave attendees at their "Women in Computer Science" event
Posted In: Goldman Sachs, women in tech

The pollutants in your face wash

Groups say pieces of plastic -- called microbeads -- end up in our waterways
Posted In: Environment, water, consumer products

25 for 25: Leave the big numbers to Janet Yellen

The numbers we use to measure our economy might not be telling us what we think they are.
Posted In: 25 for 25

California's drought: Bad, but not the whole economy

California is in the middle of its worst drought in a century. Why isn't that enough to tip the economy?
Posted In: california, drought, California drought 2014

Study casts doubt on value of mammograms

But years of awareness campaigns and PSAs have patients asking for them, and doctors prescribing
Posted In: mammograms, health care, cancer, cancer screening

Imagine a landscape free of shopping carts

Marketplace Datebook for Thursday, February 13, 2014
Posted In: shopping carts

Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Barbie?

What could be more fitting for Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit issue than Barbie, in her first swimsuit from 1959?
Posted In: Barbie, Sports Illustrated, swimsuit issue, Mattel, women

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