Marketplace for Wednesday, December 5, 2012

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Fresh & Easy stores are leaving the U.S. because of lack of profit. Meanwhile, Starbucks plans for 1,500 new stores in the country over the next five years. AT&T hopes to help people understand their phone bills with short videos. A new British opera aims to explain confusing financial markets. Kai Ryssdal talks to artist and photographer Robert Burley about his new book and the collapse of the photo industry. And Nashville Mayor Karl Dean talks about his city’s rise in popular culture and whether or not that translates to economic growth.

The Grammys and Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville mayor Karl Dean on his city's rising star and its hope to expand its music repertoire beyond country.
Posted In: Nashville, tennessee, country music

Oil boom family is cramped but together

A year after her husband moved to North Dakota's oil fields from their home in Missouri, Shannon Atwell picked up her four boys and joined him.
Posted In: Oil, North Dakota, Black Gold Boom

AT&T expands 'video bill' service

Video service aims to explain to customers where their money is going.
Posted In: ATT, AT&T, bills

Starbucks mulls question of where to expand

Coffee chain plans to apply lessons from previous expansion effort.
Posted In: starbucks

British opera finds harmony in financial world

A British academic and banker have composed an opera that highlights the harmonies they find in the world of finance , which some view as a place of turbulence.
Posted In: opera, stock market, Entertainment, London

The photo wars back then

A day when Apple stock would be ahead of Kodak on the Fortune 500 list? A laughable 2005. One photographer captures the end of the analog era.
Posted In: photography

The Fresh & Easy grocery experiment may be over

Tesco, the U.K. retailer, started opening up a new kind of grocery store in the U.S. five years ago. More than a convenience store, almost a supermarket, Fresh & Easy hasn't found its place in shoppers' habits.
Posted In: Fresh & Easy, Tesco, Walmart

AOL's history as told through New York Times crosswords

The very first clue -- Jan. 14th, 1997 -- "Prodigy competitor, for short."
Posted In: crossword, New York Times, aol

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