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Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has agreed to resign if the eurozone reforms are passed. We took a look at its high debt and interest. There have been a number of protests in the Middle East this year but the ones in wealthier countries haven't lasted as long. Here in the U.S., Occupy Wall Street protesters are preparing for the cold winter ahead. Harrisburg, Penn., is facing default. Charitable donations may lose their tax deductions. The GOP presidential candidates are set to have another debate -- another chance for them to squabble and gain some extra exposure.

Italy's debt dilemma

It's not Italy's debtload that's the problem; it's the fact that the interest on that debt is going through the roof.

Berlusconi doesn't resign -- yet

Markets and investors seem to be placing the blame of Italy's debt on Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, and are anticipating his resignation. But the country's major debt problems will still linger.

'Occupy' protesters seek winter shelter

Occupy Wall Street protesters fortify themselves for a long, cold winter. Warm socks, mittens and sturdier tents a part of the survival strategy.
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Harrisburg in default

The Pennsylvania capital faces either bankruptcy or a state takeover of its finances after some bad bets on development projects. City residents are nervous.

Television's new reality show

Is it a GOP debate or an episode of "Jersey Shore"? It's getting hard to tell.

Asteroid! (As according to Hollywood)

This final note today. Perhaps you've heard a giant asteroid is going to zip right by Planet Earth tonight. Nothing bad's going to happen. Probably...
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Paying off protesters

The six countries that are members of the Gulf Cooperation Council -- Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait to name a few -- are far richer than their neighbors in the Middle East. So why haven't they seen an Arab Spring?
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Do tax deductions impact charitable giving?

Economy 4.0's David Brancaccio discusses how eliminating tax perks for charitable donations might affect how much people give.
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