Marketplace for Tuesday, May 7, 2013

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Now that tax season is well over, we find out there's a proposal to raise taxes on airline tickets. How much do we already pay on taxes for goods and services? Health care costs are also on the rise, but at a slower rate than the past four years. We look at whether the recession is solely to blame or of there is more afoot. In money possibly not well spent, it turns out money slated for restoration on the Gulf by BP is not really being spent on things related to the oil spill at all.

Microsoft's mistake puts it in good company with other corporate failures

Microsoft announces a fix coming soon for their newest operating system. But will that be enough for customers?
Posted In: failure, Microsoft, windows 8

Addiction might be a click closer than you think

There's a fine line that separates addicts from the rest of us, a new book argues. It's not just booze and cocaine you should be worried about, but Twitter and cakes.
Posted In: addiction

A controversy over how Deepwater Horizon cleanup funds are being spent

Last week, BP and five coastal states affected by the Deepwater Horizon spill announced $594 million in projects funded by BP for early restoration of the Gulf. A lot of the money is being spent on stuff not related to the spill at all, especially on repairing damage from various hurricanes.
Posted In: bp oil spill, deepwater horizon

What's behind the slow rise of health care costs? Our pocketbooks

Health care costs have been rising at a slower rate for the last four years. Why? Hint: The answer is not the recession.
Posted In: health care, recession

Airline ticket taxes might take off with new proposal

Taxes on your flights are pretty hefty, and they might get heftier soon. But how do they compare to taxes for other services?
Posted In: airline prices, Taxes

Pentagon slams Chinese hacking, leases Chinese satellite

More contractors getting into the cybersecurity business, creating more targets for Chinese hackers.
Posted In: China, cybersecurity, hacking

Hawaii fights for Obama presidential center

Hawaii is taking the offensive to lure Obama's future library or presidential center. Chicago appears to have the inside track, but Honolulu is offering up a beachfront site worth a cool $75 million.
Posted In: Barack Obama, Hawaii, Chicago

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