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After yesterday's tornado in Moore, Okla. -- where residents got about 15 minutes of warning -- we ask if tornado prediction has gotten better, and how it can continue to improve. What would it have taken to get more than 15 minutes? In tech-ish news, Apple's tax issue comes to the Hill with Tim Cook. But Apple isn't the only company that has funds beyond the reach of the IRS. Also, before you order dinner, news is out that Grubhub and Seamless, two online delivery services, are merging. Just how do these services make money and what about the restaurants?

Why companies are getting rid of cubicle walls

Businesses are moving away from individual offices and high-walled cubicles to more open environments. Fitting more workers into a smaller space also slashes rent costs.
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Senator Carl Levin and Tim Cook clash in tax haven hearing

Senator Carl Levin says big companies are abusing tax loopholes. Apple's Tim Cook says they uphold the spirit of the law.
Posted In: apple, tim cook, Carl Levin, corporate tax

Working in the dark, in the aftermath of Moore's tornado

Recovery begins for those in the tornado's wake in Moore, Okla.
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What will it take to make tornado prediction better?

Prediction for tornadoes like the one in Moore, Okla., has gotten pretty good. Building thousands of new radar stations would make it better.
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How much would Apple's overseas cash help the U.S. economy?

Apple’s $100 billion in overseas cash is just part of the nearly $2 trillion in U.S. corporate funds that are beyond the reach of the IRS. What difference could that money make if it was brought home?
Posted In: tim cook, apple, corporate tax, corporations

How do delivery services like Grubhub and Seamless make a profit?

Two of the biggest restaurant takeout services, Grubhub and Seamless, will merge. A look at exactly how their business works, and how individual restaurants factor in.
Posted In: Grubhub, Seamless, delivery services, Food

This burger brought to you by a test tube

Dutch scientists will shortly unveil a burger that uses meat grown at great expense in a laboratory. Growing meat is more efficient in the long-term, but people may not take to it.
Posted In: burger, meat, fake meat, Science

Hold the spoon -- World Nutella Day back on after being called off

Nutella-maker Ferrero called for an end to the day celebrating the chocolate hazelnut treat, then backed off.
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