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In a document released Tuesday, the Internal Revenue Service says bitcoin is not legal tender. You can't use it to pay your taxes. But the IRS says virtual currencies like bitcoin will be taxed like property as opposed to currency. Plus, the Obama administration is planning legislation to overhaul the National Security Agency's collection and storage of phone records – which could now be kept with the phone companies. But as the burden then shifts to the telecom companies, what extra costs might they incur? And we continue our special collaboration with the New York Times on "Work in America." Today we look at the gig economy.

Disney taps news exec to run TV biz

Disney's ABC has a new head. And he's got a hard row to hoe.
Posted In: abc, television

The IRS labels bitcoin an asset

The IRS says bitcoins should be counted as assets for tax purposes. And that means what, exactly? Marketplace's Paddy Hirsch explains.
Posted In: bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, assets, IRS

The problem with "Golden Parachutes"

The Time Warner CEO will get $80 million in a severance package, but is that much really necessary?
Posted In: Time Warner, severance

Oil and gas will drive future control of the South China Sea

A new book explores the possible disputes over who owns the South China Sea, and its oil reserves.
Posted In: asia, China, south china sea, Japan

In which Kai Ryssdal has to settle for $22.40

The individual results from Amazon's e-book price fixing settlement.
Posted In: Amazon, e-books, Kindle

MOOC 2.0: Open online education moves forward

Online course pioneer hires former Yale University president as CEO.
Posted In: MOOC, Education

Outsourcing the NSA's phone-call database

Under proposals leaked this week, the National Security Agency would stop its blanket collection of phone-call data. Instead, phone companies would keep records, to be provided on court-sanctioned demand.
Posted In: national security agency, surveillance, telecom

The D.I.Y. career

Freelance workers piece together a living in the temp economy.
Posted In: freelancing

Left in the dust by kale

Marketplace Datebook for Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Posted In: spinach, kale

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