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Six hundred million people in India -- about half the population there --  have been affected by the latest power outage. Meanwhile, outrage over NBC's tape-delayed broadcast of the Olympic Games continues, even though ratings show that people are still tuning in. Ann Romney's horse is competing in the Games, bringing attention to the elite sport. Also, Amazon expands to allow customers to pick up their purchases if they don't have a physical address. And we hear about the labor dispute happening with low-paid janitors in Houston.

On the job hunt once again

Sondra Morin, 29, discusses what it's like to be unemployed for the second time in less than a year.
Posted In: Jobs

How the drought has been affecting you

Our listeners weigh in on how the devastating drought in the Midwest has changed the way they do business.
Posted In: drought, Agriculture

Houston janitors fight for fair pay in economic boom

Janitors who clean the offices of some of the world's richest corporations in this Texas city are among the lowest paid in the country. They have been on strike this summer trying to raise the definition of a low-level wage.
Posted In: Houston, Janitor Strike, Income Gap, JP Morgan

How Twitter's exposing NBC's Olympic failures

Television ratings are up for the 2012 Olympics, even with so-called spoilers all over the Internet. Blogger and author Jeff Jarvis talks about NBC's failures to keep up with the Twittersphere.
Posted In: social media, Olympics, Internet, journalists

Dressage is not your average horse play

Mitt and Ann Romney are bringing new attention to the elite sport and sport of the elite -- by co-owning an Olympic horse.
Posted In: horses, dressage, Olympics 2012, London Olympics

Amazon looks to expand delivery beyond home, office

The online retailer hopes 'locker' program will broaden its customer base.
Posted In:, Amazon

What India must do to have a modern power grid

India needs many more generating plants to keep up with exploding demand for electricity, but the distribution system is so corrupt that investors are reluctant to put money in new plants.
Posted In: electricity, India

How much is that Olympic medal worth?

The sports blog Deadspin cross-referenced current prices on precious metals exchanges with Olympic hardware.
Posted In: Olympics 2012, London Olympics

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