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With mass credit card hacks in the news (looking at you, Target and Nieman Marcus), we take a look at who picks up the tab for fraud. Who's got a financial interest in credit card safety? Later, oil consumption in the U.S. grew more than in China last year, though thirst remains high in both countries. Finally, as departing Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke weighs where to rest his hat, we look at a likely option: think tanks.

The elements: Carbon's all around

Carbon is the ultimate bonder but in some forms, it can be dangerous. Carbon Monoxide can poison you. Carbon Dioxide is blamed by some for global warming.
Posted In: elements, bbc world service, Carbon

Why I'm saying goodbye to the NFL

One commentator ends her love affair with professional football
Posted In: NFL, concussion, Commentary

Why it's hard to charge $40 for a pork chop

Pork prices have been high, but people still crave bacon.
Posted In: pork, bacon

Bernanke's probably thinking about a think tank

Think tanks are influential organizations that lure big names. What do those big names lend them in return?
Posted In: Ben Bernanke, Brookings Institute, think tanks

If only we had technology to limit credit card fraud... Oh, wait...

Europeans have been using fraud resistant cards for years
Posted In: credit card fraud, Target

Rising demand for oil: 'Growth is easy when you've been in the pits'

American thirst for oil rises faster than expected, as the nation recovers from recession and chemical makers seize on less expensive domestic supplies.
Posted In: big oil, China

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