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Microsoft will release Windows 8 tomorrow, but meanwhile, many companies are still resisting change and using Windows 98. A number of airlines are no longer offering long-distance nonstop flights. has gotten into movie-making and money-lending businesses. It looks like financial reforms could dampen the housing market forecast. Gallup editor-in-chief Frank Newport discusses the importance and reliability of polls. Reporter Stephen Beard talks to Londoners who have left the banking sector and have taken major pay cuts so they could start their own businesses. And Felix Salmon of Reuters talks about American CEOs who want to reduce debt and the deficit.

Pity the poor bankers -- or not

Thousands of London investment bankers have lost their jobs or jumped ship. How are they faring? Some have reinvented themselves as entrepreneurs.
Posted In: Bankers

A CEO manifesto on debt and deficit

CEOs from across the country are asking Congress to figure out how to decrease the deficit. But how pure are their intentions?
Posted In: ceo, deficits, national debt

Welcome to Amazon-dot-everything

The giant online retailer is expanding into everything from banking to movie-making.
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Will business give Microsoft the business?

The software giant is betting big on Windows 8, but many businesses could hold back.
Posted In: windows 8

How do you know if a poll is right?

Gallup editor-in-chief Frank Newport addresses recent criticism of Gallup's polling.
Posted In: Gallup, newport, polls, nate silver, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney

Will new regulations crimp home loans?

Some fear stricter lending and mortgage standards could chill housing market.
Posted In: Housing, home loans, mortgage

List of long-haul flights grows short

Airlines are increasingly canceling flights of 15 hours or more because of softened demand.
Posted In: airline industry

Geoffrey Chaucer invented 'twitter'

It's the 612th anniversary of the death of the famous author. Turns out, he invented the word many of us use commonly in social media today.
Posted In: Twitter

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