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McDonald’s sales are down for the first time since 2003. AT&T has decided to scrap their landlines and invest in wireless services instead. Walmart is ramping things up for Black Friday especially early this year. Amy Scott talks to a teacher who taught high school at Chicago’s Cook County Jail. Germany houses about half of its gold in a vault beneath the Federal Reserve building, and some Germans are anxious to know if the gold is actually there. And China is going through a major leadership change.

TV's new after school special: YouTube

More than 120 million Americans watch videos on YouTube every month, and yet the streaming video site is struggling to monetize that audience. YouTube videos are short -- and, often, one-hit wonders.
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McDonald's suffers first sales drop in nine years

McDonald's same-store sales fell in October due to lower global demand, increasing competition and gains by “higher end” fast food chains.
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For former 'jail teacher,' Plan B is Plan A

After losing her job teaching at a high school in the county jail, Donielle Lawson wants to stay in education.
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China begins carefully scripted handover of power

The 18th Party Congress will hand power from the President Hu Jintao to his successor, Xi Jinping. It's so carefully managed, the government have removed window cranks from taxicabs, so would-be protesters can't cram leaflets in ping-pong balls and throw them at party delegates.
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What's lost when phone service goes digital

AT&T is making a big investment in its digital network -- and signaling its original, and extremely reliable, copper-wire system is on the way out.
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Black Friday creeping earlier into Thursday

Retailers are trying to lure holiday shoppers earlier with guarantees that doorbuster items will be available.
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Some Germans want to see gold stored in U.S.

Germany stores $80 billion in gold in New York. Some in Germany are clamoring to inspect it and possibly bring it back to Europe.
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Post-election ad space deals won't last

For months, political advertising glutted the airwaves in election swing states like Ohio, Florida and New Hampshire. Now that the election is over, there are cheap openings for regular advertisers. But they won't last long.
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Mayor Bloomberg institutes odd-even gas rationing

Odd numbered license plates get to buy gas on odd numbered dates; evens on evens.
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