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The recession lays claim to something else: a distorted perception of what a normal benchmark should be. Case in point: Mortgage rates at 4 percent. Also, we look at internships at the start of summer. What's the benefit of taking an internship for college credit? Quite a lot, actually. Across the world, we take a another walk down the Street of Eternal Happiness.

In Pakistan, electrical outages are political

Pakistan desperately needs a solution to their failing electrical grid. Does the new Prime Minister have the answers?
Posted In: Pakistan, energy, Blackout

Modified wheat creates more questions than answers for Northwest farmers

Wheat farmers in the Pacific Northwest wait for more news on unapproved genetically engineered wheat discovered in Oregon.
Posted In: wheat, GMOS, genetically modified food, farming

The difference between a paid and unpaid internship? A job later

Students may want to think twice about working for free: interns who get paid are almost twice as likely as their unpaid counterparts to get a job offer when they graduate.
Posted In: Jobs, internships

Rolodexes: A thing of the past?

Private equity group KKR has nabbed David Petraeus for his global Rolodex. In the age of Microsoft Outlook and smartphones, does anyone really use a Rolodex anymore?
Posted In: KKR, rolodex, David Petraeus

How America helped weaken OPEC

The boom in U.S. oil production has disrupted global oil’s pecking order and caused fractures inside the once all-powerful OPEC.
Posted In: big oil, OPEC, crude oil, Oil, Nigeria

How the financial crisis messed up all our benchmarks

OMG! Mortgage rates are surging to 4 percent! The financial crisis and recession distorted our perception of what a normal benchmark should be.
Posted In: recession, benchmarks, mortgage

Jailed for capitalism on the Street of Eternal Happiness

A box of letters traced back to the Street of Eternal Happiness reveals one family's struggle after the Mao revolution. The husband was jailed for practicing capitalism. His wife was left behind to take care of their seven children.
Posted In: China, capitalism

New entries in the AP Stylebook: 'Flash mob,' 'Google Hangout'

The go-to manual for print media turns 60 this year.
Posted In: media, journalism, Associated Press

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