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Scorching temperatures and droughts around the country have taken their toll on the corn harvest -- and the skyrocketing corn prices could affect nearly every aspect of your life. A new report says that the summer job market for teens is picking up. Meanwhile, companies are cracking down on overtime hours because apparently employees aren't claiming enough of them. The fanfest known as Comic-Con kicks off in San Diego, but it looks like some of Hollywood's biggest studios skipping out this year. New York City is rolling out a pilot program that converts payphones into Wi-Fi hot spots. And Kai Ryssdal talks to liberal pundit James Carville about what matters in this year's presidential election.

New York seeks to refashion pay phones

As people stop using pay phones, New York launches plan to convert the booths into Wi-Fi hotspots. Watch out for sidewalk gridlock.
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More overtime hours, less overtime pay?

Federal lawsuits over wage and hour violations are up since the start of the recession.
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Comic-Con still a must-go for film industry

Movie studios aren't all screening new films, though. Some find the convention is a place to make deals without having a high profile.
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EU sanctions Iran by refusing to insure oil tankers

Iranian oil producers may find other ways to sell their product, but with few options to insure their ships, a lot of oil will be sitting in the harbor.
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Stalking corn prices

Corn may play a bigger role in the economy than you think. And when prices rise, the effect is wide.
Posted In: corn, drought, Agriculture, food costs

What Americans think about taxing the rich

President Obama is calling for renewing the Bush tax cuts, except for those making $250,000 a year and more. Gallup's Frank Newport on what people think about that proposal.
Posted In: Bush tax cuts, Obama, Gallup

This election? James Carville says it's all about the middle class

Liberal pundit James Carville explains why class matters in this year's presidential election in his new book, ''It's the Middle Class, Stupid!''
Posted In: james carville, middle class, 2012 election, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, Democrats, Republicans

Why more teens are finding summer jobs

Employers are hiring more teens for summer jobs than in past years, possibly because older workers who were desperate for any work are finding better jobs themselves.
Posted In: Unemployment, teenagers, summer jobs

Nike to take Joe Paterno's name off daycare facility

Until this morning the daycare facility at Nike headquarters near Beaverton, Ore., was officially called the Joe Paterno Child Development Center.
Posted In: joe paterno, Penn State, Nike

Letters: On bribing kids to do better in school

Listeners respond to the latest Freakonomics Radio segment on bribing kids for better results in school.
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