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Payday loans: A good last resort?

Payday loans that allow workers to borrow money in advance of their paycheck have often been criticized for having high interest rates. But new reports say the loans can actually benefit some consumers who have few other options. Janet Babin reports.
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Robbing from your own retirement

More workers are tapping into their 401(k) accounts to spend money and pay off mounting debts. Stacy Vanek-Smith reports while there may be advantages to borrowing from yourself there are also huge risks.
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Job losses go further than offshoring

The Trade Adjustment Assistance program gives assistance to people who've lost their jobs because of international trade deals. Commentator Glenn Hubbard says the program does nothing to address the most critical reasons for job loss.

Democrats appeal to NAFTA resentment

Hillary Clinton and Barak Obama have been focusing on their opposition to NAFTA, the North American Free Trade Agreement. But will voters in Ohio, where thousands of manufacturing jobs have been lost, be persuaded? Mhari Saito reports.
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Regulatory agencies continue to shrink

The Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman is stepping down. Her resignation is one of many which have left government regulatory agencies severely understaffed in the last year of the Bush Presidency. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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Bond failures may bankrupt cities

New problems in the municipal bond market are resulting in cities and municipalities paying record-high interest rates. And with cities making less from property taxes, some have no choice but to declare bankruptcy. Jill Barshay reports.
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Sears losses could signal death

Sears Holdings Corp. reported a 48% decline in quarterly profits as sales continued to fall at its Kmart and Sears stores. Will the slowing economy mean the death of the struggling retailer? Dan Grech reports.
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Bush calls for more wiretapping power

At President Bush's press conference he talked about everything from fighting AIDS to stimulating the economy. But his most passionate topic was why Congress should pass the warrantless wiretapping program. Kai Ryssdal has more.
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