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House Republicans agreed to the two-month payroll tax cut extension. Wall Street Journal reporter Jason Zweig talks about presidential candidate Ron Paul's big investments. A new proposal wants law schools to disclose their graduates' earnings. A group putting on ads trying to bring awareness to famine may not in fact be providing fundamental aid to Somalians. It's been a rough year for Europe, but that's not stopping Germans from celebrating the holidays. Commentator and podcaster Nate DiMeo writes an open letter to his daughter's toys. And we hear about the science behind our gift preferences.

Letter to a toy company

Millions are writing letters this month asking for toys. But one parent wants a toy company to add to their product line.
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Germany OK in tough European holiday season

Austerity is the rule as many European nations deal with the continent’s debt crisis. Germany is doing relatively well.
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As tuition rises, value of law degrees is questioned

A report on the high cost of law school, which many students borrow to cover, suggests schools should provide information on how their graduates fare in the work world.
Posted In: Law, Education, college grads

Not exactly aiding relief

Popular online ads for famine victims don't benefit actual famine victims.
Posted In: Charity, aid, advertising

Ron Paul's investment strategy is gold

Wall Street Journal's investing columnist Jason Zweig dissects the GOP candidate's investment portfolio.
Posted In: Investing, gold, Ron Paul

The House caves: GOP leaders accept two-month extension of payroll tax cut

At the urging of President Obama and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, the GOP-led House say they will pass a two-month payroll tax cut extension.
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Nicely wrapped gifts heighten expectations

Researcher Nathan Novemsky discusses his findings on gift giving. Fancy wrapping increases expectations -- but also, disappointment -- he says.
Posted In: gifts, gift giving

The opposing views on an economic recovery

Unemployment claims have dropped to their lowest level since April 2008, but some economists say that's still not news to cheer about.
Posted In: recovery

Buy from Best Buy? Your presents may be late

The country's biggest electronics chain is saying that "overwhelming demand for some products" could mean a late Christmas for some.
Posted In: Christmas, holiday shopping

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