Marketplace for Thursday August 21, 2014

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Philadelphia plans to stop offering subsidies for school bus service for high school students who live within two miles of their school. We look at the impact of cutting out school buses on families and districts and whether those effects differ between urban and suburban areas. Plus, SoundCloud is going to start putting ads into its content stream. What happens to a company when, in order to find a business model, they have to undermine the very thing that created their customer base in the first place. Also, Dollar Store X rejects Dollar Store Z’s bid for it, preferring Dollar Store’s Y bid, saying it fears the X+Z combo couldn't pass antitrust muster. Could there really be an antitrust issue with “dollar stores”? We investigate.

SoundCloud to start including ads in content streams

Do they risk undermining their core, indie-leaning fan base?
Posted In: soundcloud, ads, music streaming
Family Dollar

Could $1 store + $1 store = monopoly?

Family Dollar rejects Dollar General's offer to buy, citing fears of antitrust complications.
Posted In: dollar store, Mergers and Acquisitions, antitrust
Ice bucket challenge

Diplomats can't take the ice bucket challenge

Rules apparently bar foreign service members from taking the challenge.
Posted In: Ambassador, social media, Associated Press, ICE
School buses

School transportation cuts still affect families

Some districts that cut bus service during the recession haven't brought it back.
Posted In: Philadelphia, high school, students, public transportation

California's wells are going dry now, too

The long drought has led to a strain on groundwater - much like having too many straws in the same glass.
Posted In: California drought 2014, groundwater, wells

As waters rise, Mekong rice farmers switch to shrimp

Salinization of the Mekong Delta is pushing a move toward a new crop: shrimp.
Posted In: crops, shrimp, drought, Vietnam

What is a superfood?

A new study tries to define superfoods. Hint: it's more than just kale.
Posted In: Food, Health, kale

The flop that is 'Expendables 3'

The film only grossed approximately $15 million on its opening weekend.
Posted In: film, Entertainment, movies

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