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Are Americans in favor of the so-called Buffett Rule currently being pushed by President Obama? Gallup's Frank Newport reveals the poll's latest results. Sony's new CEO pledges that the company will rise yet again. The Department of Education wants to count part-timers, transfers and returning students in official graduation rates. More than a year after the revolt that toppled Tunisia’s ruler, discontent is rising because of poverty and unemployment. Departing World Bank President Robert Zoellick looks back at his tenure. And China correspondent Rob Schmitz offers a rare look at the people behind your iPad -- this time, the bosses.

The people behind your iPad: The bosses

Marketplace's Rob Schmitz was offered a rare glimpse into the world of Apple's usually secret supply chain. Here's the story of the people who help run Apple's Chinese producer, Foxconn.
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Departing World Bank president looks back

After five years, Robert Zoellick is about to step down as the president of the World Bank. He discusses the changing role of the organization in today's global economy.
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In Tunisia, more democracy but still much poverty

More than a year after the revolt that toppled Tunisia’s ruler, Zine al Abidine Ben Ali, discontent is rising because of poverty and unemployment.
Posted In: Tunisia, middle east, Arab Spring

A new way to measure college graduation rates

Part-timers, transfers and returning students aren't counted in official graduation rates. A change by the Department of Education could add them to the mix.
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Sony pledges to rise again

Its new CEO says he will revive the electronics and entertainment company.
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Mike and Ike are splitting up

The maker of the eponymous fruity chewy candy has a new ad campaign coming: They're going separate the Mikes from the Ikes and sell them that way.
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Do Americans care about the Buffett Rule?

The Obama administration has been arguing strongly this week for the Buffett Rule, which would raise taxes on those making $1 million a year or more. According to the latest Gallup polls, a majority of Americans are in favor of it.
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