Marketplace for September 21, 2011

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Marketplace for September 21, 2011

GOP letter to the Fed: A slippery slope

GOP lawmakers sent a letter to the Federal Reserve urging Chairman Ben Bernanke to take no new monetary action. The Peterson Institute's Joseph Gagnon discusses the impact that letter may have.
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

Is Google enforcing a monopoly?

Google's Eric Schmidt testified on Capitol Hill today on the subject of whether the company is threatening the competition.
Posted In: Monopoly, Google

Chinese press comes down hard on alleged Apple pollution

Apple is hammered by China's media for alleged air and water pollution. Will this negative coverage change the behavior of Chinese suppliers who actually run the factories?
Posted In: China, apple

Stop calling it class warfare

President Obama announced a plan to reduce the deficit this week. But the fight over what to do is just starting.

GM deal with UAW brings jobs back to Tennessee

After massive layoffs in '09, the town of Spring Hill had been struggling. But the announcement of new production brings back a sense of hope.
Posted In: Auto, GM, Jobs

Freakonomics: Where have all the hitchhikers gone?

Besides the fear of an axe murderer, there are valid reasons why hitchhiking has died off. Freakonomics Radio's Stephen Dubner discusses those reasons and tells us why you should care.
Posted In: Transportation

Federal Reserve makes a $400 billion move

The Federal Reserve announced it was buying $400 billion in longer-term bonds in an effort to push long-term interest rates even lower. Will that help the economy
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

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