Marketplace PM for June 5, 2006

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Politicking reigns as midterm elections near

Democrats accuse President Bush of trying to rally his conservative base with a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. But Republicans say Democrats are doing the same thing by trying to hike the minimum wage. John Dimsdale reports.
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Cost of air travel taking off

The airline industry is struggling against the rising cost of jet fuel. It's already cut costs by renegotiating labor contracts. Now, it's raising prices. But how high can they go? Tess Vigeland reports.

Hotel industry thriving

Airlines may be hurting, but a study out today predicts the hotel industry will rake in record profits this year. Cheryl Glaser looks at what's driving the boom — and it's not cheaper rates.

Power Trips, Part 2: Who's paying

Our special report continues from San Diego — home to the biggest sponsor of Congressional staff travel, defense contractor General Atomics. Steve Henn reports.
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Will audiences heed 'The Omen'?

Twentieth Century Fox is releasing "The Omen" tomorrow, tied to the 6/6/06 date it has used to market the horror film. But opening a movie on a Tuesday can be scary for the box office. Will it work? Jeff Tyler reports.

Corn ethanol better for politicians than environment

Detroit has been bragging about its adoption of ethanol as an alternative fuel. But, as Los Angeles Times auto critic Dan Neil tells host Kai Ryssdal, corn-based fuel isn't all that efficient.
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Brown bag economics

Economist and commentator Susan Lee says the brown bag lunch doesn't always make financial sense.

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