Marketplace PM for January 19, 2007

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Another disappointment for Airbus

A French newspaper says United Parcel Service is rescinding its orders for the cargo version of Airbus' A-380 super-jumbo jet. If true, remaining orders for the plane would be zero. Amy Scott reports.
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Executive decision: Global warming is serious

CEOs of 10 major corporations including General Electric, Caterpillar and DuPont plan to urge Congress and the President on Monday to get serious about climate change. Sarah Gardner reports.

Migrants as pesos

For many illegal immigrants coming into America across the U.S.-Mexico border, it's not the first border they've crossed. Dan Grech went to Mexico's southern border to see what a difficult, dangerous place it can be.
Posted In: Immigration, Mexico

Week on Wall Street

Kim Clark, personal finance columnist for U.S. News and World Report, talks with host Tess Vigeland about the confusing week on Wall Street and what may lie ahead.
Posted In: Investing, Wall Street

Business putting spurs to healthcare reform

The political stars may be aligning for some big changes in the national healthcare system. What's responsible? Foreign competition, for one thing. John Dimsdale reports.
Posted In: Health, Washington

Better healthcare without the government

Comptroller General of the United States David Walker says Americans could enjoy "basic and essential" healthcare without having a government-run system.
Posted In: Health, Washington

When the brain's CEO needs retraining

What happens when the "boss" of your brain is damaged? Producer Mary Beth Kirchner met a therapist with rare insights into that question.
Posted In: Health

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