Marketplace PM for April 16, 2007

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Sallie Mae deal may draw some study

The sale of the nation's largest student loan company for $25 billion is expected to raise some eyebrows in Washington. John Dimsdale reports.
Posted In: Investing, Wall Street

Moves show Web ads are alive and clicking

Google's purchase of Internet advertising company DoubleClick has ratcheted up the competition for the online ad market. And the antitrust accusations are flying. Lisa Napoli reports.

Looking to burn fat . . . for your car

Tyson Foods and ConocoPhillips are joining forces to create renewable diesel fuel from chicken, pork and beef fat. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

For many, forms could be a lot less taxing

The IRS already has the information it needs to fill out millions of taxpayers' forms automatically. Commentator Ian Ayres says requiring everyone to do it themselves is wasting time and money.
Posted In: Taxes

Where did your flowers grow?

Nearly 80% of cut flowers are grown outside the U.S., and a lot can affect the blooms you buy. Host Tess Vigeland looks at the $40 billion cut flower industry with Amy Stewart, author of "Flower Confidential."
Posted In: Books, Canada

Despite conflict, Sudan attracts investors

With more than 200,000 people slaughtered and 2.5 million displaced in Darfur, Sudan has been subject to U.S. economic sanctions. Still, there's no shortage of investors in its economy. Gretchen Wilson reports.
Posted In: Canada

Light shines on Katrina survivor

After Hurricane Katrina destroyed her Biloxi, Miss., house, Ethel Curry waited a long time for help rebuilding it. That help finally came this winter — from an unlikely source. Stephen Smith reports.
Posted In: Entertainment, Housing

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