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The United States is on track to pass Saudi Arabia and become the largest oil producer by 2020. Greece has passed an austerity budget for 2013. Thousands are still left homeless after Sandy and officials are trying to find apartments and homes to place them in. The Department of Veterans Affairs has set a goal to end veteran homelessness by 2015, and help homeless veterans access disability payments. We take a look at advertisements warning of the upcoming fiscal cliff, and talk to an actual cliff diver about what it's like to jump off.

New York landlords urged to house Sandy victims

Government officials are working with New York City landlords on a plan to house storm victims in vacant apartments.
Posted In: Hurricane Sandy

China's 'hutong' economics

As China's leaders meet behind closed doors in Beijing's Great Hall of the People, shop owners in the neighborhoods of twisted alleyways known as hutongs share their outlook on their own -- and China's -- economic prospects.
Posted In: China, Beijing, China's Economy, Great Hall of the People

Homeless vets face challenges in filing disability claims

The Veteran's Administration has made homeless vets a priority, but delays in getting benefits persist
Posted In: veterans, homeless, military, disability, Vietnam, Iraq, afghanistan

An actual cliff diver on the fiscal cliff

America's #1 cliff diver, Steven LoBue, says the slightest miscalculation can spell disaster. How might that apply to the U.S.'s own fiscal cliff?
Posted In: cliff diving, fiscal cliff

Groups take to airwaves to warn against 'fiscal cliff'

Ads from business groups to focus initially on D.C. but could spread nationally.
Posted In: fiscal cliff

Will taxing the wealthy really work?

It depends on the definition of wealthy. But however wealth is measured, increasing their taxes won't solve the whole budget problem.
Posted In: Taxes, wealthy, fiscal cliff, Bush tax cuts

Greece approves austerity budget: 'Hope has fallen away'

Greece approves its 2013 austerity budget, making it eligible for a third round of bailout loans.
Posted In: Greece, austerity

U.S. to pass Saudi Arabia as top oil producer

A boom fueled by hydraulic fracturing of shale should add millions of jobs in the U.S. The question: How long will it last?
Posted In: Oil, fracking, petrochemical

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