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Fender, the guitar-maker famous for its rock star customers, is going public. Two of the largest health care companies are joining together in a $5 billion merger, showing that Medicaid is becoming big business. Pro sports teams are trying to take back control from ticket agents like StubHub. Kai Ryssdal speaks with Vanity Fair's Kurt Eichenwald about how the competition that once trailed Microsoft successfully knocked the company from the top spot. Debra Lee, the CEO of BET Networks, talks about programming television for an African American audience. And reporter Stacey Vanek Smith looks at the history of the power lunch.

Guitar-maker Fender helps to revive IPO market

Fender Musical Instruments, whose electric guitars fueled the rise of rock and roll, is going public to tap new music markets in India and China.
Posted In: Fender, Music, guitars, IPO

Made in N.Y.: How the power lunch was spawned

Lunch is the meal most associated with the workday -- and work. How the power lunch came to be, and where it might be headed.
Posted In: lunch

How many work emails do you get a day?

Someone actually came up with an average amount.
Posted In: email

Two thirds of Americans aren't economically mobile

A new study from Pew's economic mobility project finds that only about one third of Americans have achieved a better economic position than their parents.
Posted In: income inequality

The 'Moneyball' of baseball ticket pricing

Pro sports teams now use dynamic pricing to keep pace with ticket brokers like StubHub.
Posted In: business of sports, baseball, New York Mets, stubhub

WellPoint gears up for Medicaid bonanza

The giant health insurer will acquire competitor Amerigroup Corp. for nearly $5 billion in a bid for more Medicaid business.
Posted In: health insurance, health care, WellPoint, medicaid

The downfall of innovation at Microsoft

Microsoft used to be the tech industry leader, now it's playing catch up. Kurt Eichenwald has written about the state of the company in the August issue of Vanity Fair.
Posted In: Microsoft, Google, bill gates

BET CEO Debra Lee on television for a black audience

The CEO and president of BET Networks discusses television programming for African Americans, and the role of the network in today's media sphere.
Posted In: Entertainment, BET, Debra Lee, African American

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