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President Barack Obama gave Republicans an ultimatum: pay America's bills and raise the debt ceiling or risk putting the U.S. through another crisis. Walmart, the world's largest retailer, is gearing up to make a big adjustment to its business model -- it's getting ready to open the smallest Walmart store in the country. Matt Parker and Trey Stone, the creators of "South Park," say they're taking some of the profits from their Broadway success, "The Book of Mormon" and opening up their own production studio. Plus, stories about flu shot shortages, how cars destroyed by Sandy are getting a second (suspicious) life, and a chat about Chicken McNuggets.

Cars damaged by Sandy make suspicious comeback

Often sold for scrap, many storm-swamped cars are cleaned up and resold with clean records that make no mention of flood damage
Posted In: car, auto industry, Hurricane Sandy

Life on the edge in Spanish slum

In a shantytown outside of Madrid, a crowded, uneasy life for 30,000 people on the margins of Spain’s struggling economy
Posted In: spain, canada real, shantytown

The invention of the Chicken McNugget

Chicken McNuggets have generated huge amount of money for McDonald's. But the credit for their invention may belong to a little known poultry scientist who freely shared his research.
Posted In: McDonalds, patents

Dangerous air pollution levels hit Beijing

Air quality in China's capital this weekend was at levels judged hazardous to health. Authorities fear environmental concerns could spark social instability.
Posted In: China, air pollution, Beijing

Where to find a flu shot: Why vaccination shortages occur

The flu kills thousands every year, and public health officials say that everyone over the age of 6 months should get vaccinated. But every few years it seems like there's a run on flu vaccine. To understand why, you need to look at the vaccine market.
Posted In: flu, vaccine, health care

Nation's smallest Walmart to open in Atlanta

World's largest retailer experiments with smaller stores on college campuses
Posted In: Walmart, Georgia, Retail

Sluggish iPhone 5 sales revive Apple’s doubters

Reported cutbacks on iPhone5 parts and talk of a cheaper phone suggest Apple is yielding to competition rather than defining the market
Posted In: apple, iphone 5

'South Park' grows up, starts a studio

The creators of the cartoon series and "Book of Mormon" are launching their own production studio
Posted In: Entertainment, television, south park

So-called debt ceiling?

President Barack Obama warned Republicans that not raising the "so-called" debt ceiling is "irresponsible" and "absurd." Wait a second... so-called?
Posted In: Barack Obama, debt ceiling

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