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Banco Espirito Santo
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Portugal is dealing with the thorny issue of the near collapse of the Banco Espirito Santo by using the not-so-new solution of spinning off the bad assets in the bank. It's called a good bank-bad bank strategy, and we last saw it used during the financial crisis. We investigate. Plus, the Mayor of Toledo, Ohio, says resident can drink tap water again...if they want to. But with algae blooms increasingly common in Lake Erie, what does the future hold for the water supply for Toledo and many other cities?

Why does popcorn at the movies cost so much?

Hint: Movie theaters don’t make much money from movies. Movie studios do.
Posted In: movies, food costs, Food, tickets, popcorn
Toledo Tap Water Ban

Municipal water systems are vulnerable

Toledo residents can drink tap water again, but what does the future hold?
Posted In: Ohio, water supply
Banco Espirito Santo

In Portugal, a 'bad bank' saves the day

Portugal uses a good bank/bad bank strategy to rescue Banco Espirito Santo.
Posted In: Portugal, Banks, bad debt

Can I ask you to blue sky that synergy?

The origin of business jargon, and why people use it.
Posted In: jargon, workplace culture, management, Satya Nadella

Luxury seats coming to an AMC theater near you

AMC is spending $600 million to add reclining seats.
Posted In: movies, AMC Entertainment

Why Honda is the most innovative car company on Earth

Jeffrey Rothfeder explored the car-maker's culture in his new book "Driving Honda"
Posted In: Honda, auto industry, innovation

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