Marketplace for May 5, 2011

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Marketplace for May 5, 2011

Midwest flood damage not yet peaked

Even though Cairo, Ill., was spared, heavy damage still awaits downstream communities and the Gulf Coast.

A year on, flash crash still spooks investors

A year after the Dow plunged 600 points in minutes, professional investors fret about risks in a market where they are outmanned by machines.
Posted In: Wall Street

As college applications swell, so do wait lists

This week students must finally make up their minds about where they'll go to college -- and colleges break out the wait lists.
Posted In: Education

Protesting the Syrian elite

Syrians are aiming their anger at one immensely wealthy and well-connected businessman.

Obama administration proposes unfreezing Libya assets

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says that would help the Libyan people without Uncle Sam having to pay for it.

How Wall Street has changed since the flash crash

It's been one year since the flash crash on Wall Street. The SEC's Mary Schapiro discusses the measures taken since then to try to prevent a repeat.
Posted In: Wall Street

Cities face hurdles in foreclosure cases

Los Angeles is suing Deutsche Bank for neglecting foreclosed homes, joining other cities trying to get banks to pay for neighborhood blight.
Posted In: Housing

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