Marketplace for May 19, 2011

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Marketplace for May 19, 2011

President Obama outlines plans for aid in Egypt and Middle East

The president spoke today about creating a partnership with the Middle East, and helping the economies there grow through trade and more jobs.

Philanthrophy comes back to school

After two years of stock market gains, big donors are opening their checkbooks for colleges and universities.
Posted In: Education

Ford adapts dashboard to monitor driver health

Ford unveils prototypes for using infotainment system in cars to alert diabetic drivers to low sugar levels and track pollen for allergy sufferers.
Posted In: Health

Eating the whole hog

Boutique butchers are booming as chefs and home cooks look to eat all the parts of the animal -- from nose to tail.
Posted In: Food

New government unit may predict financial storms

The Office for Financial Research, or OFR, is a new government outfit that aims to forecast financial storms before they happen.
Posted In: Banks

Creating economic opportunities for women

There's one sector of the Middle East economy that has been untapped for years: female workers.

Too much dam power

In the Pacific Northwest, a surplus of hydro power is crowding out wind power. The grid just can't handle all that renewable energy at once.

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