Marketplace for June 22, 2011

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Marketplace for June 22, 2011

The economic impact of the Afghanistan troop drawdown

Washington bureau chief John Dimsdale discusses what President Obama had to say in his speech about the Afghanistan troop withdrawal and looks at the economic impact it might have.

Even hedge-fund stars stumble

John Paulson has made billions on big bets, but his investment in a Chinese forestry company shows how difficult investing in China can be.
Posted In: Investing

Google gets 1 billion 'unique' visitors

That's more than Facebook. But unique isn't always best.
Posted In: Internet

Letters: Mozambique, political golf, and failure

Going over listeners' responses to past broadcasts. This week: cutting subsidies on basics doesn't just affect developing countries, business decisions made on the greens, and the meaning of "unambiguous" failure.

G-20 ministers discuss food security

Agriculture ministers from the G-20 meet in Paris to discuss ways of curbing food price rises and ending hunger.
Posted In: Agriculture

Federal Reserve ends its stimulus

Whether quantitative easing helped the U.S. economy -- or how much -- is still debated.
Posted In: The Federal Reserve

The Swedish lesson

Greece continues to grapple with its debt crisis. But there are other European countries that have managed to regain their economic footing in this climate.

The costs of Arab economic security

For citizens of the UAE, most of life -- economics, social status -- is taken of. But there are hidden costs.

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