Marketplace for July 22, 2011

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Marketplace for July 22, 2011

U.S. government wants to rent foreclosed properties

With foreclosed properties slowing down the growth of the housing market, a new plan has emerged to get the government to rent out houses to investors.
Posted In: Housing

Gay marriage -- or else

More than 700 gay and lesbian couples will marry on Sunday in New York, the first day they legally can marry in the state. Thousands more will follow. But not all will be marrying just for love. Some are being told they have to.
Posted In: Health

Weekly Wrap: The markets and the debt talks

Reviewing the week's news on Wall Street. This week: the latest on the debt talks after President Obama's press conference on Friday.
Posted In: Wall Street

Borders begins its final sale

Borders launched a going-out-of-business sale at its 399 stores after failing to find a path to exit bankruptcy. All books and furniture must go!
Posted In: Retail

What's a business to do, when social media calls?

Once upon a time, businesses could wait to see what a Facebook or Twitter would become before including it in their advertising strategies. The bursting on the scene of Google+ is prompting many businesses to run to catch up.

Investment in green energy dims

Since Democrats in Congress gave up on cap-and-trade legislation a year ago, many green energy projects have been canceled and investment in new ones has fallen.

Early Adopters: Meet your match

Early Adopters are buzz creators. So, what do you call someone who squashes that buzz?

Small talk: Snoring, Google-, no mankinis

The news that didn't quite make the headlines. This week: The snore patrol, man loses Google history, and no nonsense, no mankini.

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