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Investors worldwide are selling their short-term government debt out of fear of a U.S. default. Why that could be disastrous. Meanwhile, there's been some colorful language used to describe the government shutdown. We take a look at the verbiage. Plus, refinancing has changed the way people buy and sell homes, but how is it affecting everyone in the long term? Also, why Safeway bowing out of the Windy City, how leaders in Silicon Valley are trying to increase diversity, and why not everyone’s thrilled about the idea of Chinese developers funding the rebuilding efforts for Britain’s Crystal Palace. And we wrap up the week with our Weekly Wrap. 

Britain's Crystal Palace could rise again

A Chinese property developer has unveiled plans to recreate the Crystal Palace, a cast iron and glass building that burned down in the 1930s, in south London.
Posted In: Britain, London, architecture

Wall Street's latest reaction to Washington debt ceiling talks

The Weekly Wrap takes a look at the continued government shutdown and what's ahead in the debt ceiling talks.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap

Safeway pulls out of Chicago market

We all need to eat. You'd think that would make the supermarket business a sure thing. You'd be wrong.
Posted In: grocery store, Chicago, Safeway

Startups experiment to diversify Silicon Valley

Leaders at a few startups in Silicon Valley test out new strategies to raise diversity at their workplaces.
Posted In: startups, Silicon Valley

Debt ceiling fears push financial institutions to sell Treasuries

Some financial institutions, worried they might not get their money back if the Treasury defaults on its debt, are selling their short term government debt. This presents risks to the financial system and to the economy.
Posted In: Treasuries

The many metaphors used to describe the government's failure

So many metaphors have been used to describe the government shutdown. Do they help at all?
Posted In: federal government, government shutdown 2013

The rise of the refi

Americans used to believe that when you retired, your house should be paid off. That was, of course, before the refinancing boom.
Posted In: mortgage refinance, mortgage, refinancing, Housing

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