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Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke coined the term "fiscal cliff" to describe that fallout if automatic tax hikes and spending cuts go into effect -- but what else could the situation be called? Amazon has uncorked its new wine marketplace in many states. Kai Ryssdal talks to a gas station owner in New York who is staying open despite not having gas. We hear about the economic benefits to price gouging. And there's a new Archbishop of Canterbury, and he has an unconventional business background.

Rolling down the fiscal cliff

Felix Salmon of Reuters and Catherine Rampell from the New York Times discuss the big topic of the day -- the fiscal cliff. Hard to avoid.
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Keeping tabs on kids' behavior

ClassDojo, a free app for teachers, aims to help them with classroom management.
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A gas station...without gas?

Gas stations in New York and New Jersey continue to face post-storm problems. Not having gas in their pumps.
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Amazon pops cork on wine store

Yes, the Internet retail giant is getting into the wine-selling business. Its new online store will offer about 1,000 different kinds.
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Former oil exec is new Archbishop of Canterbury

The Church of England has named Justin Welby its most senior priest. It may be bad news for British bankers, as Welby is a one-time oil executive who is often critical of what he sees as the excesses of capitalism.
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Block that scary metaphor: The fiscal what?

The automatic income-tax increases and budget cuts scheduled for year's end don't all take effect immediately, so why call it a "fiscal cliff"? Because it gets attention.
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You're price-gouging? Thank you very much

Price-gouging during natural disaster is illegal, and New Jersey is prosecuting some gas stations after Hurricane Sandy. But gouging also is a means for distributing more broadly, because it discourages hoarding.
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The Pope to join Twitter

It's a whole new kind of follower.
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