Marketplace for Friday, November 26, 2010

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Marketplace for Friday, November 26, 2010

Weekly Wrap: Ireland's debt, company buyouts

Tess Vigeland talks to Felix Salmon from Reuters and New York Times Dealbook contributor Heidi Moore about Ireland's debt crisis and the latest in buyouts.
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions

Republicans want to repeal health reform's contract reporting requirement

The health reform law requires that businesses report to the IRS every contract worth more than $600. Business, Republicans and even the president think that the requirement takes up too much time and money from businesses.
Posted In: Health, Small Business, Taxes

Stores using better service to get customers to buy

Stores are starting to hire more staff and perhaps encouraging them to be extra helpful. Analysts say that better customer service may be a strategy to get people to part with their money.
Posted In: Retail

Should unemployment benefits be extended?

Tess Vigeland talks to Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman about the choosing between cutting the deficit and extending unemployment benefits.
Posted In: Jobs

Monopoly and the Great Recession

The game Monopoly debuted during the Great Depression. Steven Thrasher of the Village Voice looks at how the game is doing during the Great Recession and whether we're learning anything from it.
Posted In: Entertainment

'Cellar dwellers' trying to make ends meet

Reporter Dan Gorenstein talks to the Johnsons, a family of three living in a basement apartment, about what it's like to live from unemployment check to unemployment check.
Posted In: Jobs

Inflation, rising food prices, hit Chinese pocketbooks

Even rice prices have skyrocketed in the China. Economists suspect that the Chinese government is not publicly recognizing inflation to avoid dealing with uneven income distribution in the country.
Posted In: Food

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