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A boost to food stamps funding leftover from the government’s 2009 stimulus package is expiring. How will families, grocery stores, and corporate America feel the pain? The Container Store’s share price doubled shortly after its IPO this morning. Some might think that high-end organizing is a sign the economy is doing well. And Marketplace's Queena Kim goes on a mission to find out what the Google Barge is all about … or not. 

Mattel says 'Toy Feliz' this holiday season

Could Mattel's new Spanish-language toy campaign spur big sales this holiday season?
Posted In: Mattel, Barbie, Hot Wheels, latino

Grocers do the math on food stamp cuts

As a temporary increase in food stamp benefits expires, families and businesses prepare to get by on less.
Posted In: food stamps, SNAP, grocers

When a movie flops, marketing takes the blame

When box-office returns are lower than expected, it's often the marketing department that bare the brunt of the punishment.
Posted In: movies, film, marketing

"Gravity" no more satisfying in 2-D

Audiences are no more satisfied after watching a 3-D movie, than they are after watching the same movie in a mere two dimensions.
Posted In: 3d glasses, Gravity 3d

New England cranks up its wood-burning stoves

Homes in rural New England heat with wood at five times the national rate.
Posted In: wood stoves

The Container Store: The next big economic indicator?

The Container Store’s share price doubled shortly after its IPO this morning.
Posted In: IPO, boxes, Container Store

Barging in on Google

Rumors abound about what Google is housing in a floating barge in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Posted In: Google barge, Google Glass, Google X

Weekly Wrap: Aflutter over Twitter plus #longreads

Leigh Gallagher, editor of Fortune Magazine, and Sudeep Reddy from the Wall Street Journal recap the week in news.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap, Twitter, Fed, Affordable Care Act

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