Marketplace for Friday, March 23, 2012

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Starting Monday, all eyes will be on the Supreme Courts as it holds a three-day hearing on the Affordable Care Act -- and the event is the hottest ticket in town. Could Bank of America's plan to turn homeowners facing foreclosure into renters become an industry-wide model in which everybody wins? We explore why Nigeria is a hotbed for credit card scams. And, as the new season of "Mad Men" premieres, we look at how much the characters are like current ad men.  

Can ignoring medical advice hurt your wallet?

Doctor and commentator John Schumann says it's a medical urban legend.
Posted In: Health, health care, doctor

Everyone's lining up for the Supreme Court health care hearing

The court's grounds will be clogged with a colorful mix of characters: activists, lawyers, journalists and oh, tourists.
Posted In: health care, Supreme Court, Washington D.C., tourism

Madison Avenue’s new advertising lords

“Mad Men” returns for a fifth season Sunday. But who are the Don Drapers in today’s advertising industry and how has Madison Avenue changed?
Posted In: advertising, madison avenue, Mad Men

Bank of America throws homeowners new lifeline

Bank of America starts a foreclosure-prevention program that lets borrowers give up ownership of their home but stay on rent-paying tenants.
Posted In: Housing, Bank of America, foreclosure, underwater mortgage

Letters: Chinese factories, diaper debate

Going over listeners' responses to past broadcasts. This week: The bigger picture in the Mike Daisey story, the great American diaper debate and talking to President Obama.
Posted In: letters

World Bank presidential nominee as 'Dartmouth Idol'

Check out Jim Yong Kim, whom President Obama today nominated to head the World Bank, in this rap performance.
Posted In: Jim Yong Kim

Where'd Nigeria get so many princes anyway?

The U.S. Department of Justice takes AT&T to court over yet another Nigerian scam.
Posted In: Nigeria, scams

Weekly Wrap: Jon Corzine, World Bank nomination

Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street. This week: The new memo that reveals Jon Corzine apparently authorized the transfer of customer funds, and the new World Bank nomination.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap

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