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The Labor Participation Rate hasn’t been this low since the late 1970s.  Who's in? Who's out? Target has upped the total number of customers impacted by its two-and-a-half week data breach to 70 million. A staggering figure that’s a reminder of the volume of shopping that happens in the U.S. consumer economy. California's state budget famously sank during the recession. Now that the state has just as famously turned it around and has a revenue surplus, Gov. Jerry Brown wants the state to pay down debts it piled up during the bad years.

Chemical spill in W.V. water sparks rush on bottled water

Grocery store owner Don Tate is telling customers to buy microwavable food and disposable dishware.
Posted In: chemical spill, Elk River, Charleston

First, the polar vortex. Now, a winter jobs swoon!

Breaking down the bad news from the falling unemployment rate.

Explaining the 'continuing resolution'

Why does Congress use "continuing resolutions" for a lot budgeting?
Posted In: CR, continuing resolutions, Ryan-Murray

California's budget issue: What to do with all this money?

Gov. Jerry Brown wants the state to pay down some of the debts it piled up during the bad years.
Posted In: Sacramento, Jerry Brown, California budget

Why a declining jobless rate may be worse than you think

The labor force participation rate (LFPR) hasn’t been this low since the late 1970s.
Posted In: unemployment rate, labor force participation

Why offices are ditching their PCs for iPads

Analysts suspect that PCs are being replaced by tablets, as trust in the cloud grows.
Posted In: iPad, tablets, PCs

Aereo streaming TV case heads to Supreme Court

The Supreme Court says it's going to consider a case involving a company called Aereo, backed by media mogul Barry Diller.
Posted In: Supreme Court, Aereo, streaming tv

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