Marketplace for February 15, 2011

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Marketplace for February 15, 2011

China's big unemployment problem

Kai Ryssdal talks to Marketplace's Rob Schmitz about the challenging job market Chinese college grads are facing.
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Middle East nations try to buy off dissent

From Bahrain to Jordan, rulers are increasing benefits to the poor. They want to defuse the popular anger that toppled Hosni Mubarak in Egypt.

NYSE: American icon goes global to survive

The New York Stock Exchange-Deutsche Borse merger creates a global icon that in many ways leaves stocks and retail investors behind.
Posted In: Wall Street

President Obama defends his 2012 budget

Obama is coming under attack for lack of leadership and ignoring many of the recommendations from his own deficit reduction commission.

Administration pumps $25 million into Internet freedom

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton detailed the Obama Administration's plan in a speech today. The money will go to help dissidents evade Internet firewalls and e-mail surveillance in autocratic countries. It will also fund more efforts by the State Department to use social networks like Twitter.
Posted In: Internet

A long, long legal bet

Ecuador's Chevron lawsuit potentially pays big -- both for the plaintiffs and their hedge fund investors.
Posted In: Law, Oil

Separation barriers in the world

Greece. Iraq. South Korea. Those are just some of the countries that have man-made separation barriers, places to prevent the flow of people and goods. Why? Take a listen...
Posted In: Immigration

Greece may build fence to stop illegal immigrants

Greece is the back door into Europe for 90 percent of illegal immigrants. Now it wants to close its border with a seven-mile fence at a critical crossroads.
Posted In: Immigration

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