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CBS, Showtime and several other channels remain off the market in Los Angeles, New York and some other big markets. If you're a Time Warner Cable customer and really want your CBS, what can you do? Plus, more than a dozen U.S. embassies remain closed this week, amid chatter over worries of an increased terror threat. Will that damage U.S. trade in these countries? Finally, President Obama will give a speech in Phoenix on Tuesday about housing and the middle class.  But the middle class recovery has sputtered because a bulk of middle class wealth is tied up in homes.

The best safety net? One man says, the smaller the better

In our series of safety net confessionals, the story of a man who says hard work and sacrifice were the safest nets for him.
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Amazon's Jeff Bezos buys Washington Post

Days after the New York Times sold the Boston Globe to investor John Henry, the Washington Post Co. sold its flagship paper to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.
Posted In: newspapers, washington post, Amazon

Why only a third of our trash is being recycled

More than 40 years after the “Crying Indian” campaign encouraged Americans to stop pollution, a new "Keep America Beautiful" hopes to boost recycling.
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'Five Star Billionaire': Hidden side of China's economy

In a new novel, author Tash Aw follows five characters as they try to make their way in the big city of Shanghai.

CBS blackout? 4 tips and tricks to get your fix

Some savvy Time Warner Cable customers have schemed out ways to watch CBS and Showtime during the cable dispute. What are they?
Posted In: CBS, Time Warner, Good Wife, NFL, television

ARod news may be good for Yankee bottom line

New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez is likely to be suspended today for the rest of this season and all of 2014 for taking steroids.
Posted In: A-Rod, Alex Rodriguez, steroids, Yankees, baseball, MLB

Middle class asks: Should we buy our homes?

President Obama will give a speech in Phoenix on Tuesday about housing and the middle class.
Posted In: home ownership, real estate, housing bubble, middle class, Housing

U.S. embassies: Not just spies and visas

More than a dozen U.S. embassies remain closed under terror fears, but what exactly will the closures mean?
Posted In: embassies, terror, U.S. trade

Calculating the rent at the White House

If President Obama were renting out the White House, he'd only be able to stay for four months.
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