Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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Ever type a random search into Google and watch the system auto-complete just exactly what you were looking for? There is now a hint that Google could soon add even more predictive technology to its search page. A sharp-eyed blogger noticed some software code that suggest a Google Now predictive personal assistant could come to any old browser.

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Netflix adds two million U.S. subscribers

Netflix added two million U.S. subscribers to its streaming video service in the first quarter of this year. Analysts say that the company is making its mark with original programming.
Posted In: netflix, television

We're watching you: Surveillance cameras are a hot ticket item, after Boston

After Boston, surveillance cameras are hot sellers, and it's not just businesses that are buying.
Posted In: security, surveillance, cameras, boston, boston marathon

Is Google Now's data mining coming to your desktop?

Molly Wood, senior editor at CNET, joins Marketplace Tech host David Brancaccio to explain Google Now and how it works.
Posted In: Google, Facebook

Daft Punk breaks Spotify record and 2013 sounds a lot like 1978

New data show that the Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" is now the most streamed song on Spotify. Which got us thinking, even though the way we listen to music has changed, the tune has not.
Posted In: Music, spotify

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