Marketplace Tech for Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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A researcher used an smart phone app to hack the cockpit of a virtual airplane. The setting was a computer security conference in Amsterdam. The FAA and several makers of cockpit equipment say that feat would be much harder, if not impossible, in a real aircraft. We asked regular contributer Chester Wisnewski at computer security firm Sophos if he gives this much credence. He doesn't -- but he does think the story could make flying safer. 

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Has Marissa Mayer's acquire-to-hire strategy for Yahoo paid off?

Since becoming Yahoo CEO last summer, Marissa Mayer has embarked on a takeover strategy: Buy companies to get their talent. As Yahoo reports earnings, we find out if it worked.
Posted In: Yahoo, Marissa Mayer, acquisition

Can you really hack a plane cockpit?

Can a plane's cockpit be hacked? One researcher, who used a smartphone to hack the cockpit of a virtual airplane, says yes. The FAA says its unlikely, if not impossible.
Posted In: airplanes, hacking, smartphone, cybersecurity

Boston public urged to send in video, photos to aid investigation

A day after three people were killed and over 130 injured by two bombings at the Boston Marathon, the search for answers is well underway.
Posted In: boston, boston marathon, disasters, Cellphones

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