Marketplace Tech for Friday, August 30, 2013

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A famous peace-keeping technology turns 50-years-old today -- the so-called "red phone" that connected Moscow and Washington. The phone apparently wasn’t actually red, but it did change the Cold War. And, it’s time again to play our tech news numbers game, Silicon Tally. Today's contestant is behind some mobile video games you've probably seen before: Farmville and Pac-Man for iPhone, the insanely popular Mafia Wars, and more.

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It takes two to text while driving, according to court

A surprising ruling on texting while driving.
Posted In: texting, distracted driving

How well do you know the internet? This week's Silicon Tally

306,000 tweets per minute, 2 (think gaming), 11,000 requests, and 74 percent: Can you guess what these numbers mean?
Posted In: Internet, Tech, farmville

Fifteen percent of American adults are offline

Data released this week by the Pew Center shows that 98 percent of Americans now live in an area with access to broadband internet. Despite that, 15 percent still don't use the internet at all.
Posted In: internet access, employment

Answer the red phone!

In the height of the Cold War, the U.S. and Soviet governments instituted a secure line of communication.
Posted In: soviet union, Cold War, nuclear war, history

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