Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, July 3, 2013

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Europe's financial crisis flares anew, after Portugal's finance minister quit and the government teetered on the edge of collapse. China enacts a new law requiring adult children to visit their aging parents or else face punishment. A reality check on stock market excitement. And is there a geographical correlation between hipsters and money?

PODCAST: Bitcoin hits Wall Street

Affordable Care Act mandate gets delayed: Who wins, who loses? Layoffs hit the financial sector in June. And Bitcoin attracts Wall Street.

3D printing regulation a re-hash of the Napster war?

A Danish company called Create it Real says it has software to help prevent people from creating gun components on their 3D printers.
Posted In: 3D printing, gun control

Layoffs hit financial sector in June

John Challenger, CEO of outplacement firm Challenger Grey & Christmas, discusses which sectors are going strong and which are cutting back.

Breaking away from the stock market masses

In the years climbing out of the great recession, regular investors were leary of buying stock, thrice burned, enduringly shy. But in the last six months, as the S&P 500 index has gone up 13 percent, the masses are back to buying.
Posted In: stock market, stocks, recession

Portugal on verge of collapse, euro crisis flares

Europe's financial crisis flared anew on Wednesday, after Portugal's finance minister quit and the government teetered on the edge of collapse.
Posted In: Portugal, Europe debt crisis

Weddings see rise in online streaming

Weddings are going digital. Think handheld devices at destination weddings streaming to Grandma, who couldn't fly out.
Posted In: wedding, streaming

Screening out job candidates with Facebook? Don't

A new study says Facebook behavior isn't a good indicator of prospective employee performance.
Posted In: Facebook, Jobs, career, job interview, social media

How a Tweet could cost you $2,000

Some people's Twitter musings are worth more than the Tweets of the rest of us according to the SEC.
Posted In: Twitter, Securities and Exchange Commission

Affordable Care Act mandate delayed: Who wins, who loses?

Pick your headline: Bigger companies get another year to arrange health insurance, or Many employees have to wait another year to get health insurance.
Posted In: Affordable Care Act, health care, health care reform

Federal cuts threaten healthcare fraud investigations

Staffing cuts at the Department of Health and Human Services mean fewer cases of Medicare, Medicaid fraud are investigated.
Posted In: health care, Medicare, fraud

What makes one college a ‘best buy’ compared with others?

The latest "Fiske Guide to Colleges," includes a special list of colleges with relatively low cost and high quality academics.

Yelp Worldmap: Testing the correlation between hipsters and money

Yelp has created heat maps showing the geographical density for search terms 'hipster,' 'pricey,' and more. Here's our (unscientific) look at the correlation between hipsters and money.
Posted In: Yelp, hipsters

Bitcoin entrepreneurs barrel ahead despite legal clouds

A crop of start ups with venture capital backing are trying to make Bitcoin more mainstream and easy to trade.
Posted In: bitcoin, Wall Street, currency

Chinese law requires adults to visit their aging parents

Critics say the new law is unnecessary. They suspect China's state pension fund is running low on money and the government is passing the buck.
Posted In: China, pension funds, Social Security, family

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